Possibly mortality in
minutes or weeks
   High prevalence:
   Mean prevalence:
<1% en >10/100.000
   Low prevalence:
* Symptoms, signs, laboratory, radiology, MRI...
* Only ONE symptom in MAXIMAL 1 to 4 words:
ex.: alcalic phosphatase elevation
The patient takes medication : yes = V   
Frequently Asked Questions
Medisentio is what ?
What is Medisentio?
How do I use Medisentio, diagnostic software?
How does Medisentio work?
Who sponsors Medisentio?
How we can help to keep Medisentio up-to-date?
How accurate is MediSentio?
Why was Medisentio conceived?
Why does Medisentio use controlled vocabulary?
Who keeps Medisentio up-to-date?
Medisentio and plans for the future?
General information and authors

What is Medisentio?

Medisentio is a unique "proof of concept" medical expert DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSTIC programme

1. online medical interactive information: you give symptoms, we give diseases
2. anonymous and free of charge for doctors and students
3. a correct result in less than 5 seconds
4. searching 4,500 possible diseases
5. 40,000 medical synonyms in English, French and Dutch
6. independent because always indication of source of randomised trials data (= RCTrial)
7. unique website with "controlled vocabulary" this is why search results are complete (to see FAQ for "controlled vocabulary")
8. MediSentio traces complications and medicine interactions
9. autocorrection because every search operation is evaluated
10. Medisentio is made by physicians for physicians, this makes Medisentio unique!
11. for whom is Medisentio ?

How do I use Medisentio, diagnostic software?
Some advice:

1. Your search operation is as good as your search items relevant for this patient.

2. Use NO normal laboratory results as a query. Make no use of FIGURES but compose your search with .. RISE or DECREASE

Examples of good queries are:
PSA increased
liver tests decreased
creatinin increased
cervical lymphonodi
lung infiltration
T2 images are attenuated
and 40.000 other medical terms.

3. If no results are found split the words up:
claudication in leggs (0 results) by splitting in leggs AND claudication (19 results)

4. By flagging the "the patient takes medication" Medisentio gives the complications, contraindications and indications for this medication.

Examples of GOOD "real life" queries:
1. fever + vomits + liver tests increased + cavity : 20 diagnoses
2. Twave inversion + dyspnoea : 27 diagnoses
3. vaginal haemorrhage + fever : 17 diagnoses
4. fever + South Africa : 25 results
5. melena + abdominal pain + lung lesion : 11 results
6. vomit + neck pain + paresis: 44 results
7. paresthesia + hand + eosinofilia + LDH increased: 12 results
8. visual impairment + tumour + cyst + sella: 7 results
9. walking difficulties + paresis + areflexia + chronic: 6 results
10. calcitonine increased + LDH increased: 3 results
11. CYP2 interactions: 29 results

How does Medisentio work?
Medisentio has >4,500 disease files and >40,000 medical definitions and synonyms in English, French and Dutch in a "controlled vocabulary" text format.
This means that every medical term used by you is translated to one unique medical basic term. If one uses a synonym, it will be translated to this unique medical term (e.g. dypnoea, short of breath, dyspnee, air hunger .. is translated to ONLY a basic term "dyspneu". The search engine searches for this standard term among thousands of different words in thousands of (disease) files.

Who sponsors Medisentio?

Up until today (1/8/2008) Medisentio is not sponsored. In the future sponsoring is possible although the physicians who made MediSentio assure that this sponsoring will have no influence on Medisentio and the differential diagnosis list en ranking.

How we can help to keep Medisentio up-to-date?

MediSentio checks all NEGATIVE SEARCH OPERATIONS and can so be tuned to deliver better results. If an eventual DIAGNOSIS is NOT PRESENT in the current search operation YOU can communicate this error by contacting us (anonymously) at "CONTACT" with the complete set of symptoms, sign, labo.. and the EVENTUAL FINAL DIAGNOSIS. If you want YOUR name mentioned at this new "finding" you can ask for it.

How accurate is MediSentio?

Medisentio was tested on thousands of medical cases in daily practice and in cases provided by literature and tested on its accuracy. The 200 last test results can always be requested. There is accuracy of 66% at a first search operation and rising. MediSentio was devised on sensitivity and mentions both the causes (differential diagnosis list) and the complications of the combination of search items. By searching MEDICATION you also get the contraindications, the indications and the complications in the results.

Why was Medisentio conceived?

Medisentio has initially been made for personal efficiacy and later to bring a solution to the daily (urgent) diagnostic ant therapeutic problems occurring in medical and paramedical professions. This database was extended and was made available online by MediSentio.

Why does Medisentio use controlled vocabulary?

There is no such a thing as standard medical terminology!
For Streptococcus pyogenes ONLY there are 49 (and more) acronyms, synonyms and/or spellings and/or terms used in English, Dutch and French which all are correct and which all mean S.pyogenes:

S.pyogenes group A streptokokken
group A streptococcen pharyngitis
streptococcus laryngitis by streptococcus
Streptococcen group A
betahaemolytic streptococcus
betahemolytische group A of streptococcen
betahemolytic streptococcus group A
BHSA BHS group a streptococcus
group A streptokokken tonsillitis
strepococcus GABHS
pharyngitis by streptococcus
nasopharyngitis by streptococcus
impetigo by streptocccus
pyoderma by streptococcus
puerperal fever
necrotisising fasciïtis
infectious muscle or myositis
TSS syndrome
toxic shocksyndrome
sepsis puerperalis
puerperale infection
tampon disease
endometritis puerperalis
acute gewrichtsreuma
infectious erythema nodosum
glomerulonefritis infectious
poststrectococcen reactive arthritis
carnivorous bacterium
Sint Antoniusvuur
scarlet fever
toxic shocksyndroom ... all of which mean streptococcus pyogenes!!

For the spelling for this germ Medisentio chooses S.pyogenes (with indication former terminology) and this method of "controlled vocabulary" was used for tens of thousands of (medical) synonyms. The only intention of this (very work-intensive) intervention is to MAXIMISE the search results and optimize the sensitivity of the results.

Who keeps Medisentio up-to-date ?

The medical data of Medisentio is only maintained by physicians by means of MEDICAL literature which is always sited. We used as many "EVIDENCE BASED" literature as possible.
The internet site MediSentio - FMD was devised by JOMALBA N.V, and established in Brussels by Barbara Boie, web site developer. By its low (fixed) cost structure it is possible to maintain this service for doctors and students provisionally for free.

Medisentio and plans for the future?

In the future new properties are built in MediSentio - FMD:
1. list of differential diagnoses with list of best diagnostic tests
2. full availability of MediSentio in French, English and other languages
3. availability of MediSentio on mobile, GPRS, mobile PDA
4. paid version for contraindications, interactions, complications, indications of medication and techniques.

General information and authors
The principal author of MediSentio.com site is Dr. Johan Boie, Kursaalstraat 64/1, 8301 Heist-aan-Zee, and the site provides general information with references and updates. This site does not accept or host any advertisement.

For whom is Medisentio ?
Medisentio is for professionals and students who:
1. think they know everything
2. think they know not everthing
3. have not enough time to think
4. have urgent medical diagnostic problems The Internet has become one of the most widely-used communication media. With the availability of Web server software, anyone can set up a Web site and publish any kind of data which is then accessible to all. The problem is therefore no longer finding information but assessing the credibility of the publisher as well as the relevance and accuracy of a document retrieved from the Net.

Why Medisentio chooses not to allow medical novices
Non-medical surfers are frequently searching medical sites (50 to 80%). Several (online) publications demonstrate that medical novices are needlessly aprehended by searching simple symptoms (e.g. findig cerebral tumor by searching for "headache")
Why Medisentio is a better choice than Google as a medical search engine ?

"Google" is a Web 2.0 site and do not take acccount of semantics. By searching for Paris you will find 484 million results: Paris as a city, Paris Hilton, Paris as a Greek hero... "Medisentio" is a Web 3.0 application and takes account of (medical and other) semantics. Bij searching for Paris you will find only 1 result (the city of Paris)