Possibly mortality in
minutes or weeks
   High prevalence:
   Mean prevalence:
<1% en >10/100.000
   Low prevalence:
* Symptoms, signs, laboratory, radiology, MRI...
* Only ONE symptom in MAXIMAL 1 to 4 words:
ex.: alcalic phosphatase elevation
The patient takes medication : yes = V   
A perfect therapy starts with a fast and correct diagnosis !

Medisentio can be seen als part of telemedecine (telemedicine uses a range of technologies including standard telephone service and high-speed, digital connections with computers, pads, and other sophisticated equipment and software to provide medical care remotely, dixit NIH Radio Update)
Medisentio is a "proof of concept" Web 3.0 (semantic) medical expert programme for DEVELOPING A DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS by input of symptoms, signs, abnormal laboratory and other results.

The medical practioner gives ONE MEDICAL ENTITY in each compartment:

  • symptoms (e.g. thoracic pain)
  • clinical signs (e.g. fever)
  • laboratory (e.g. liver test augmentation)
  • radiology (e.g. cavity)
  • MRI (e.g. T2 weighed images hyperintensity)
  • echography (e.g. cocarde)
  • .....
Ex. :

The advantages of MEDISENTIO medical Internet site can be summarised in 10 characteristics:

1. online medical interactive information: you give symptoms, we give diseases
2. anonymous and free of charge for doctors and students
3. a correct result in less than 5 seconds
4. searching 4,500 possible diseases
5. 40,000 medical synonyms in English, French and Dutch
6. independent because always indication of source of randomised trials data (= RCTrial)
7. unique website with "controlled vocabulary" this is why search results are complete (to see FAQ for "controlled vocabulary")
8. MediSentio traces complications and medicine interactions
9. autocorrection because every search operation is evaluated
10. Medisentio is made by physicians for physicians, this makes Medisentio unique!